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  finned tubesFINNED TUBES: While it is not necessary to tell engineers what finned tubes are, or that their use is mandatory in cases of gas-liquid heat exchange where the film coefficient ratio is above 2, it is essential to tell the engineers that Tubeweld FINNED TUBES are backed by not only engineering excellence of manufacture, but also by our zealously guarded reputation for the finest quality of all our products.

LONGITUDINALLY FINNED TUBES: We have indigenous developed automatic welding machines for giving low distortion Longitudinally welded Finned Tubes used in low capacity Boilers.

T-FINS: Helical Straight strip wound on the tube are mechanically secured. The tubes are required grade of steel, the fins are aluminium for maximum tube-wall temperature of 121 deg C (250 deg F) and mild service conditions.

L-FINS: Helical strip bent to L-shape are mechanically secured to the tube with the outer surface of of the tube totally enclosed with fins, for full fin contact and protection of tube from chemical action of the gas for maximum tube-wall temperature of 177 deg C (350 deg F) and moderate service conditions.

G-FINS: Helical straight strip wound into pre-cut grooves on the outer wall of the tube, fin and groove lips mechanically closed for maximum tube-wall temperature of 371 deg C (700 deg F) and extreme working conditions.

STUDDED TUBES: We have developed state of the art Technology for studded Pipes and Tubes of Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel Material having extremely low clear gaps between studs. These are used in Refinery Services and Fluidized Beds Boiler Coils.

MAJOR APPLICATIONS: Process liquid cooling, Water cooling in chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and similar uses, Condensing, etc. Heating of air by steam in tubes. Air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, Metallurgical industries for cooling of quenching oil. 

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